Elisabeth Ganss

Bachelor Business Administration, Intercultural Consultant & Trainer


Where I come from:

Many years of international management experience; 30 years of operational and strategic Human Resources Management, most recently as Human Resources Director responsible for Europe, Middle East, Africa & India regions; GmbH Managing Director


What I am about:

Even if the value does not appear in any balance sheet: it is the human assets in the company that determine success! In contrast to other capital, personnel is increasingly the bottleneck factor.

The motivation and willingness of your employees to keep going in times of change is my top priority.

Digital transformation, global networking and demographic development require, in addition to new competences in leadership and cooperation, an important cultural change towards more flexible forms of work and greater participation in companies.

Together with you, I create sustainably effective change processes.


How I can take you further:

I will support you with individual concepts in the realization of your people strategy.

Thanks to my professional background in national and international Human Resources,

I know how to develop and retain talent, to implement targeted restructuring measures and make the resulting change process meaningful and effective with regard to the human factor.


How I proceed:

My approach is based on a solid framework of values: integrity, trust and respect coupled with a strong sense of responsibility. I have a deep understanding of how companies work, a good grasp of the essentials and a pragmatic attitude. This is how I ensure that the requirements of all stakeholders are taken into account and a practical, sustainable solution is developed.

Communication in English as you desire.


FidAR e.v. - Die Initiative für mehr Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte / Weblink

Outplacement Consultings / Weblink

ComAcross - Communication Across Cultures / Weblink

Member of the supervisory board of Axalta Coating Systems Verwaltungs GmbH

IHK Wiesbaden

WiesPaten - Integration fördern; Fachkräfte von morgen gewinnen / Weblink

Richard-Müller-Stiftung an der Wiesbaden Business School der Hochschule RheinMain

...and a diverse personal network consisting of long-term contacts with HR consultants, entrepreneurs and HR Managers, both nationally and internationally.

P.S. If you need additional information regarding my background, please contact me directly.