Focus HR

Only what sparkles inside, can shine outward! Design corporate culture and processes so that agility based on trust and openness succeeds as an indispensable success factor.


A success factor that is still underestimated in this context: More diversity in companies can eliminate up to 50% of the shortage of skilled workers. Diverse companies also respond better to market changes and new customer needs. The growing complexity of collaboration not only needs goodwill, but needs to be managed through targeted measures: starting with more heterogeneity in recruitment, teambuilding, and retaining talent in your organization.


It is my goal to steer your HR strategy in future proof ways and to support sustainable implementation. I offer you my competence e.g. in the following fields:

Unbiased & better recruiting

Strengthen cooperation - Mentoring, peer coaching & Co

Diversity wins - challenge & opportunity

Demography management - Competitive advantage instead of "Methuselah problem"

Develop and retain potentials

Specialists solve tasks, managers guide energy. And HR creates the environment needed to unlock this energy potential. I act as your catalyst in this process and help you to boost your activation energy. Because digital technology is the big equalizer, but people make the difference, so: Ganss human!